Collection and sorting schemes

Recycling presents the greatest challenge in terms of collection, sorting and cleaning.

A variety of systems

Even before Vinyl 2010, the PVC industry was gathering experience of recycling installation waste, and had been extending operations to collect and recycle post-consumer products wherever this was viable. With the launch of Vinyl 2010 (followed by VinylPlus® in 2011) these schemes were expanded, and new ones were also initiated. See

An appropriate collection system is the prerequisite for an effective, long-term programme. A variety of systems exist:

Take back schemes

including arrangements to collect post-use products, are offered by commercial companies, converters and local authorities and mostly apply to long-term PVC applications. These are used, for example, in the construction industry for PVC pipes, windows, profiles and floorings.

Bring back schemes

encourage consumers to return used items to collection points (e.g.: bottle banks). A major advantage is the pre-sorting of waste by consumers.

Kerbside collection

brings in mostly domestic waste from specific roadside containers placed in front of households. The degree of sorting is usually lower than with other schemes. A typical example is the yellow bag collection of all types of plastic packaging via the 'Duale System' in Germany. Viable recycling, therefore, depends on many factors; access through appropriate collection arrangements to a sufficient, steady and reliable supply of waste materials.