PVC recycling by application

Window profiles and pipes are the largest PVC recycling applications.

Window profiles and pipes

Window profiles are the largest PVC application, using approximately 1.3 million tons of resin annually, in the EU-27. Pipes are second, using about 1 million tonnes of resin per year.

The amounts of profiles, pipes and flexible products recycled in any year can be found in the annual progress reports of VinylPlus.

Collection and recycling schemes were initially created to deal with waste streams from specific applications, mirroring the way the converting industry is organised. This was replaced by the Recovinyl® collection scheme in the aim to enhance efficiency.

Flexible PVC construction materials

Information on the various recycling technologies applicable to flexible PVC can be found at https://vinylplus.eu/documents/6/60/PVC-recycling-technologies.

Feedstock recycling

Information about feedstock recycling technologies applicable to PVC can be found in the VinylPlus recycling brochure.