Global Vinyl Council

The Global Vinyl Council (GVC) promotes the value of vinyl products and represents its members in advocacy actions worldwide.

About GVC

The Global Vinyl Council (GVC) has been established with the aim of promoting the value of PVC and vinyl products and represents its members in advocacy actions worldwide.

The GVC constantly seeks opportunities to improve the PVC industry’s global standing with key stakeholders combined with other vinyl industry efforts and undertakes branded performance improvement initiatives.

The fundamental values of the GVC are to discuss the benefits and challenges of the industry, review other industry efforts and decide on a path forward. GVC’s audience is the PVC value chain and authorities.


The GVC is objective-driven, and aims to:

  • Identify and promote technologies and practices that will further improve the health, safety and environmental performance of the vinyl industry.
  • Support performance standards, “best practice” models and successful programs that ensure all production facilities around the world operate to the highest standards.
  • Fund and manage world-wide studies and programs supporting its objectives.
  • Foster cooperation between member companies, governments and organizations to increase the understanding of vinyl and the industry.
  • Advocate responsible lifecycle management (in the manufacturing, use, recycling and disposal) of vinyl products.
  • Promote the value of vinyl products to society. Communicate the benefits of vinyl products, and address related issues and concerns.
  • Avoid discrimination and de-selection of vinyl products and ensure that a level playing-field is maintained.
  • Provide technical information to support its members.
  • Provide its members with a forum where they can seek information and support, and share experiences.